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Hellister Loch is the winner!

The votes have been counted and the winner of the consultation was the route round Hellister Loch. 268 people took part in the vote, which was fantastic (and more than many of us expected!). In second place was the route from Olligarth to Whiteness and Weisdale Hall, third place was the route from Hellister up to the Swedish Houses and the route up to Bonhoga was a bit of a distant fourth.

We are all new to this so we are working out what the next stage is, now that we have had the steer from the community. We have been talking to ZetTrans and the SIC again and we are starting to talk to potential funders. At the moment, it looks as if the next stage would be to engage somebody local to do an initial design which would then be put to the community for feedback.

Thank you for your support in this. It’s clearly something that people are interested in. We know that it’s a long, slow process, but the community vote takes us another step further along the route.

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