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Who are we?

Anybody who lives in the Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale area can become a member of Win Furt and membership is free.  The day to day running is managed by a group of trustees.  Any member can become a trustee.  The current trustees are:

AA cropped.png

Andrew Archer - Chair

Missy Mullay.jpg

Missy Mullay - Secretary

Paul Mullay.jpg

Paul Mullay - Treasurer

Susan Jamieson.jpg

Susan Jamieson - Trustee

Rozeanne Jamieson cropped.jpg

Rozanne Jamieson - Trustee

EP cropped 2.jpg

Erik Peterson - Trustee


Neil Clubb - Trustee

Tingwall Manse.jpg

Natasha Clubb - Trustee


Could this be you?

Bicycling in the Woods

Could this be you?

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