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Vote for the project you want

We need you to choose which project you would like us to pursue

It's time to choose

There are four options that we would like you to choose from.  They are:

A.  a path round Hellister Loch

B.  a path from the Weisdale shop north to the Swedish houses

C.  a path from Weisdale Kirk north to Bonhoga (or further)

D.  a path from Olligarth (near the Whiteness shop) north to Whiteness and Weisdale hall


We would like you to rank the four options, i.e. first choice, second choice etc.. You don’t have rank all four of them if you don’t want to.  Voting is open to anybody of secondary school age or above that lives in the Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale Community Council area.  To allow us to manage the voting process, we will need to record your name and address when you vote but this will not be published anywhere.

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